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The Health Psychology Research Center (HPRC) was founded in 2000 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its main aim is to conduct research on the relationship between psychological, social and cultural factors and health for all members of the society – both on a national level and as a part of international comparative studies. Among the key aims of The Health Psychology Research Center are also the development of applied programs related to the psychosocial aspects of health. The Center also offers consultations on these topics.

Our mission is to promote excellence in scholarship, catalyze international collaborations and develop projects which reduce injustices and inequalities and enhance wellbeing and for individuals, communities and the earth.



Making A Difference

The Health Psychology Research Center

» carries out health psychology studies and health promotion activities;

» organizes scientific conferences, seminars and discussions with a focus on the psychological, social and cultural aspects of health;

» organizes training, courses and seminars in the area of psychosocial studies of health and, health promotion; and research methods, with a particular focus on qualitative and narrative methods in the study of health and illness;

» offers consulting with regard to somatic and mental health and well-being;

» provides information about psychosocial aspects of health to scholars, experts and the general public.



A major goal of The Health Psychology Research Center is to stimulate international cooperation; to participate in basic and applied research projects. HPRC strives for the creation of international networks of scholars, research and professional organizations in the field of health psychology.

An essential part of The Health Psychology Research Center‘s international activities is the close collaboration with the European Health Psychology Society  One of the main themes in our research addresses the health consequences of the transitional period in Eastern Europe. Along these lines is HPRC‘s long-standing partnership with The Romanian Association of Health Psychology and The Department of Psychology at Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Some of our Bulgarian partners are The Institute for Population and Human Studies - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, The Department of General, Experimental and Genetic Psychology and The Department of Social, Work and Educational Psychology at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, and The Bulgarian Psychological Society.  


The Health Psychology Research Center
» Is available for conducting training and seminars, in the area of psychosocial studies of health and health promotion.
» Consults with individuals and organizations, using transformative relational practices, for personal and organizational well-being and development.
» Offers academic courses in Health Psychology, Gender and Health, Public Health, and workshops in Qualitative Research Methods.
» The Center offers consulting for somatic and mental health and well-being.



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» Community Outreach programs for health promotion and education

The Women’s Health Initiative:

» Translation and adaptation of the book "Our bodies, Ourselves"



Yulia Panayotova, PhD -  Director of Programs

Eliza Ivanova, PhD - Research Associate

Tatyana Kotzeva, PhD - Consultant

Irina Todorova, PhD - Consultant


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